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Mirror Image learns geography

Feb 25, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Mirror Image borrows geographical data technology from Digital Envoy

Mirror Image has partnered with Digital Envoy to update its content delivery services with a geographical data technology called GeoData.

Mirror Image will incorporate Digital Envoy’s geo-intelligent technology into its Content Access Point (CAP) network. The addition will give Mirror Image customers a nonintrusive method of gaining geographical data about users accessing the Internet.

GeoData analyzes user data based on parameters such as location, connection speed and ISP. Together with the CAP network, GeoData will help customers deliver customized content, personalized promotions and targeted advertising, Mirror Image says. The service also can help network and Web managers control the distribution of digital media without adding infrastructure or maintenance expenses.

GeoData can identify the location and connection speeds of IP-enabled devices down to the city level, worldwide – without invading user privacy, Mirror Image says. With content target accuracy rates of 99% at the country level and better than 94% at the city level, GeoData helps customers serve content in a variety of ways.

GeoData technologies include content distribution, digital rights management, streaming media, fraud protection, regulatory compliance and globalization. Customers can use the GeoData service to feed content to e-commerce sites, deliver streaming media to internal and external clients, advertise to targeted audiences, and perform market analysis.

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