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Senior Editor uses Keynote

Mar 20, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* recently signed up Keynote to test its site

To ensure its Web site is available and providing content quickly, recently deployed Keynote’s LoadPro and Test Perspective Web testing services.

Keynote’s testing services can help prove its Web site will be available, reliable and performing well during regular traffic times, or even when traffic peaks because of major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series. Because Fox Broadcasting uses television to boost its Web site, can experience large spikes in traffic even during televised events.

“Integration with Fox television broadcasts put greater emphasis and importance on our site,” John Gannon, infrastructure architect for, said in a statement. “It is critical for us to know at all times just what our site will do and what our online users are experiencing.”

Keynote offers the lifecycle requirements for to load-test the site, Gannon said. As a result, is able to test frequently, control costs, identify and repair performance bottlenecks and maintain optimum performance levels for its site. said it needs to test circumstances that call for different approaches: a schedule of predictable sports events, for which they can plan in advance and schedule a robust testing period, and last-minute events that arise because of the spontaneous nature of television. uses LoadPro for preplanned, full-service load testing, including experienced consulting; and Test Perspective, a completely self-service, self-provisioned load and integrity test, for immediate, day-to-day tests. also used Keynote Test Perspective to assure the performance of a new site design under expected user load; and to optimize the link from its site to that of a partner in order to ensure SLA uptime.