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Watchfire connects with content mgmt.

Apr 03, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Watchfire's Compliance Connector checks Web pages during publishing

Watchfire last week announced a product that the company says will improve content management systems on enterprise networks.

The Watchfire Compliance Connector tests Web pages for quality, privacy and accessibility as the pages are submitted by the content management workflow, Watchfire says. The product incorporates standards compliance in its tests and ensures that content problems are identified and resolved during the publishing process. Watchfire claims this step reduces the cost of repairing issues once they have been posted to a Web site.

Watchfire Compliance Connector uses the scanning engine of Watchfire WebXM to evaluate pages of Web site content. On a page-by-page basis, the software identifies content defects, such as broken third-party links; standards violations, such as the creation of heavy pages; and offensive content. Pages that fail one or more of the predefined compliance rules are automatically passed back to the content creator to be fixed.

The company also announced that Watchfire has become a Microsoft technology partner. The Watchfire Compliance Connector integrates with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 through its .Net Web Services API. Watchfire says CMS customers will benefit from this integration because the Compliance Connector will allow them to fix errors before the errors affect a visitor experience. 

Watchfire Compliance Connector is available from Watchfire’s direct sales force.