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Apr 03, 20032 mins

* Network World's online research centers

Every time I visit Network World’s online research centers I’m amazed at the resources I stumble on.

Network World Fusion always had gobs of information that most people just couldn’t find – partly because the interface was awkward, but also because there was so much of it and it wasn’t organized well.

All that changed in the middle of last year, with a Web site redesign and the creation of research centers, such as those for LANs and routers and switches. Information is categorized for easy surfing. And since the launch, we’ve tweaked the interface further to make it even more accessible.

Here are the links:

LAN research center:

Router and switch research center:

You can also search through Fusion to find what you need, but the research centers help to put everything in one place. For instance, all our reviews on this kind of equipment are here. Any opinion columns on these topics are here.

Also here are links to newsletter articles – yes, this one, but also to other newsletters you may not receive when they touch on switches and routers and LANs. For example, sometimes the Web Acceleration newsletter covers Web switches, and sometimes the Servers newsletter covers InfiniBand switches that I might not get to.

Another cool feature is the link to training courses currently available on the topic. For instance, when I click on the link on the Routers/Switches page today, I get this list:

IMCR (Installation and Maintenance of Cisco Routers)   

Internetworking Routers & Switches   

Enterasys Specialist – Router Configuration   

Cisco Installing and Maintaining Routers Curriculum 

Clicking further gets you more info on each course (unfortunately, the first in the list is only available in Canada).

There are also research reports for sale and free white papers.

I can only relay so much through this newsletter, so be sure to check out these pages today.