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Sprint offers Gigabit Ethernet

Mar 26, 20032 mins
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* Sprint delivers Gigabit Ethernet Services in Las Vegas

Sprint has launched Sprint Ethernet Services in Las Vegas, which also becomes the first Sprint location to offer Gigabit transmission speeds.

Users can choose from 10M bit/sec, 100M bit/sec and 1G bit/sec connectivity options. The services are designed to meet the needs of businesses moving to converged services including IP, data, video and multicast applications.

Customers can set-up fully meshed or point-to-point network connectivity. Users can also turn over management and monitoring to Sprint through the Sprint Managed Network Services options.

Sprint also offers Ethernet services in Florida. 

Sprint offers local services in 18 states, where it is the incumbent local exchange carrier. Sprint plans to introduce Gigabit Ethernet services in additional locations, but it is not yet announcing the additional cities.

The carrier says it also has a plan to rollout Gigabit Ethernet services through its long-haul network, but Verizon is not yet offering details.

Sprint is using Nortel and Alcatel gear to support its Ethernet Services in Las Vegas, but the carrier says that it has not committed to using these vendors as it rolls out its services in additional markets.

Sprint would not provide pricing, but says that its prices are competitive with other service providers offering Ethernet services. Prices will vary based on bandwidth and number of locations connected to the carrier’s network.