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Pivia puts on the Ritz

Mar 25, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Ritz Interactive selects Pivia for Web acceleration

Ritz Interactive last week selected Pivia’s Performance Service for Web application acceleration to support the e-commerce applications and traffic on its many Web sites, which include, and

Ritz Web sites don’t have registration barriers or complex checkout procedures, the company says, but Ritz wanted to increase the speed and accuracy of service to its end users and customers. Ritz’s requirements were that the service be simple to install, significantly reduce page download times and be collocated with the site’s three-tier infrastructure, the company says.

The Pivia Performance Server accelerates page download times by 10 times or more and integrates into the existing Web infrastructure without any changes to the application code or redesign of the site, Pivia says.

The Pivia software sits between an end user and the Web site and compiles each request for dynamic content into a “Pivlet,” a special applet that contains the dynamic content. Those Pivlets are then cached. When another request is made for that dynamic content, Pivia executes the Pivlet and serves up the page.

Enterprises input information to describe how pages are generated. That information is then used by the Pivia technology to construct dynamic pages as they are requested.

The Performance Server is currently in production on Ritz Interactive’s flagship online shopping site,, and is scheduled to be rolled out to, and 14 other sites owned by Ritz Interactive.