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The Day Two demands of VoIP

Apr 23, 20032 mins

* Taking voice-over-IP to the next level

For two years now, we’ve been predicting the widespread deployment of voice over IP. We’ve talked about the benefits that organizations would see from merging their voice and data networks. Now we’re starting to see momentum in this arena and it is time to talk about Day Two.

Starting in June, Network World columnist and founder of Nemertes Research Johna Till Johnson and I will be venturing out across the country on a four-city tour, “Voice over IP: Maximizing the Impact of Your Rollout,” to talk about the realities of VoIP deployments. Rather than focusing on how to install a voice network, we’re going to dig down into the deployment you’ve done and show you how to get more out of it.

By the time the tour starts, Johnson will have completed her groundbreaking study of end users and their VoIP deployments. Johnson over the past few months has spoken one-on-one with IT managers at large organizations to see what they’ve faced in introducing voice networks. What were the staffing challenges? What were the uptime issues? How did their users react?

She’ll be sharing the findings of this study as well as other data she’s gathered. The goal is to give you as much insight as possible into what is already being done. In doing this, we hope to help you get more out of your project.

Hitting the road with us are some of the biggest names in the industry: Equant, Foundry, HP, Mitel and Qwest. Each will offer up its view of how to take the installation you’ve done to the next level. How do you do better reporting? How can you tweak your management system to help you gain better visibility into your network? What are some ways to automate the network? And how can you help your users embrace this new technology?

Join us for this tour and you’ll be able to better deliver on the promise of your VoIP rollout.