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NetFlash: IBM expands ‘on-demand’ product portfolio

May 01, 20032 mins

By Jeff Caruso 

Contrary to the old adage, you can’t get the milk for free – but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for just $1.29 a quart? That’s sorta the thinking behind IBM’s on-demand computing initiative, where you pay for only the computing power you need. This week Big Blue expands upon the concept with storage and application server products.

IBM expands ‘on-demand’ product portfolio

What attendees are looking for at N+I

We gave roving reporter Jason Meserve a digital camera, and he came back with these real pictures of real attendees at the NetWorld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas. They even told him their innermost wants and needs – or at least, what they wanted out of the show.

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Now that HP, IBM, Microsoft and other system infrastructure companies have laid out their visions for utility computing, Computer Associates officials said Tuesday that the time is right for CA to jump in and offer a way to manage environments heading in this direction.

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