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NetFlash: The HP/Compaq merger after a year

May 02, 20032 mins

By Jeff Caruso 

Remember the circus surrounding the proposed merger of HP and Compaq? The mudslinging, the lawsuit, the opinions from every nook and cranny of the IT world – ah, those were the days. All that was laid to rest one year ago, when the deal closed after a successful shareholder vote. The question now is, are we any better off with a merged HP? The answer is mixed. The company still has much work to do in storage and in its channel strategy. Plus, HP faces stiff competition in servers and IT services. This week we bring you a package of stories that looks at each of these areas in depth.

The HP/Compaq merger after a year

Customer unrest a year later

IBM denies SCO’s charges

The SCO Group recently accused IBM of sabotaging Unix in favor of Linux – and then sued IBM for a billion or so. Now IBM is firing back at SCO, point by point. Somewhere, Bill Gates is smiling.

Microsoft to get technical on Longhorn and ‘Palladium’

Microsoft will demonstrate its much debated Next-Generation Secure Computing Base security initiative for the first time next week at an event in New Orleans, and will also provide further details on its plans for managing IT systems.

More bravado from Vivato: wireless bridge-router

Wireless switch vendor Vivato unveiled what it calls a wireless bridge/router that’s designed to extend the reach of its beam-shaping switches.

This week’s top 5 stories so far: