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by Anne Skamarock

Extending your reach to remote storage devices

May 06, 20032 mins
Data Center

* Device relationship management

In many large companies, corporate IT is being asked to expand their reach to include management support for remote locations. Storage infrastructure devices are showing up across a broad geographical area and IT is being asked to manage these. In response, many companies turn to either their storage vendors or third-party service providers for help. For both IT and service providers alike, there is finally another option: Axeda Systems with its device relationship management solutions.

Axeda has been around for more than a decade. It started out in the industrial and building automation industry, providing remote device management for environments such as factories where the costs for specialized human intervention became too costly.  Sound familiar? Axeda then expanded its market reach to address technology, medical instrumentation, and office and semiconductor equipment industries. Most recently, Axeda has found similar market needs in the storage and storage infrastructure market.

Over time, Axeda’s experience with real-time information solutions allowed it to build up significant expertise spanning embedded control systems to Internet-enabled enterprise software solutions. With this expertise, it has developed a new way to monitor and manage storage infrastructure devices via the Internet (or intranet). This is no ordinary “phone home” solution.

Axeda’s DRM software suite allows companies, both enterprise and service providers, to leverage Internet technology, rather than simple dial-up modems hanging off the back of devices to access, analyze and act on the valuable information contained in the customer’s deployed equipment and services. This provides deeper remote diagnostic and management capabilities to reduce or eliminate device downtime through proactive rather than reactive management.

For those of you who have high-end storage systems, like the EMC Symmetrix, this may seem commonplace as EMC provides excellent remote support but what about the rest of your infrastructure? Companies could save money by consolidating internal support services in their own IT departments. Much like the services some of the high-end storage vendors supply to some of the data center devices, IT could provide that high level of service across the entire enterprise.

I have often wondered why management vendors don’t leverage their expertise to span markets.  My articles have speculated on the lack of network management companies in the storage network management space, for example. Finally, there is a company with a long history in automated management, leveraging its technology and knowledge to begin to address the storage and storage infrastructure management space.