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NetFlash: SCO drops Linux, warns Linux users

May 15, 20032 mins

The SCO Group yesterday declared war on the Linux community, and even commercial Linux users. The company went a giant step beyond its lawsuit against IBM, in essence warning users that if they don’t keep their dirty little hands off the operating system, SCO will come after them for intellectual-property violations. Naturally, SCO also stopped all of its Linux development and “suspended” activities with the UnitedLinux group – presumably so it could focus on suing people. Read the story, then tell us what you think in our forum.

SCO drops Linux, warns Linux users

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IBM grabs Think Dynamics

Servers are much too lazy, and really ought to be managing themselves. That’s why IBM and other large system vendors have embarked on their automated management initiatives. IBM is buying Think Dynamics for a significant piece of its management plan.

Sun in talks over U.S. export control allegations

Accused of violating U.S. export controls, Sun is trying to negotiate a settlement with a U.S. government agency, it reported Wednesday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Antispam bill allows racketeering charges

Congress’ race to be tough on spam Tuesday was ratcheted up when Senator Bill Nelson introduced a bill that would allow federal authorities to charge some spammers with racketeering crimes.