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May 22, 20032 mins
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* Niels Nielson offers job hunters advice in his book, "Princeton Management Consultants Guide to Your New Job"

Traditional job hunting doesn’t cut it in today’s tough job market, according to Niels Nielsen, founder of Princeton Management Consultants.

Nielsen, who is also author of “Princeton Management Consultants Guide to Your New Job”, advises job seekers to operate as interim entrepreneurs to kick their job hunts up a notch. That is, he recommends that you reinvent yourself just as companies change their business models to become market leaders.

 “Job hunters should create a full-fledged business plan the same way a start-up company does,” he says. “The only difference in the process is that a start-up is looking for many customers; the job seeker only wants one, an employer.”

Nielsen shares these tips from his book:

* Set up for business in a dedicated home office.

* Stay focused, motivated and disciplined.

* Define a job-seeking business plan.

* Consider a career change.

* Create a catalog of service offerings.

* Craft a marketing strategy.

* Define pricing policies for your expected salary and benefits and negotiate the best deal.

* Prepare professional-quality advertising materials – these are your cover letter, resume and web site.

* Think of your interview as a sales presentation for yourself.

* Close the deal by asking for the job.

For more information about “Princeton Management Consultants Guide to Your New Job”, go to and scroll to the image of Nielsen’s book.