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May 21, 20034 mins

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Cisco tightens security in hardware, software, 05/20/03 

Cisco is wheeling out a smorgasbord of hardware and software security upgrades to boost performance of VPNs and add more security features such as intrusion detection.

 Microsoft, antivirus vendors team on virus info site, 05/20/03 

Microsoft has allied with antivirus vendors Network Associates and Trend Micro to form the Virus Information Alliance, an initiative to keep users better informed about virus threats to Microsoft products.

 Network Associates updates Sniffer technology, 05/20/03 

Network Associates released a hardware appliance and updated software on Tuesday that will extend the reach of that company’s Sniffer network traffic management technology from remote users into data centers at the network core.

 Johnson & Johnson solidifies security, 05/19/03 

Information security managers at healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, with more than $36 billion in revenue each year and 108,000 employees working in more than 200 separate businesses, have begun the large-scale rollout of digital certificates that eventually will replace passwords at the corporation.

 Tricky worm triggers new P2P alarms, 05/19/03 

A dangerous worm called Fizzer that last week was discovered sneaking its way into U.S. corporate networks via the Kazaa peer-to-peer program has raised anew concerns that such file-sharing networks are risky business.

 New Microsoft support worm very unhelpful, 05/19/03 

A new mass mailing e-mail worm is spreading on the Internet, masking itself as a message from Microsoft’s support organization.

 Netilla upgrades SSL-based remote-access gear, 05/19/03 

Netilla is expanding capabilities of its Secure Sockets Layer remote-access gear to support Web-based and fat-client applications, making the gear better-suited to a broad spectrum of corporate remote-access needs.

 Sun in talks over U.S. export control allegations, 05/15/03 

Accused of violating U.S. export controls, Sun is trying to negotiate a settlement with a U.S. government agency, it reported Wednesday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

 FTC forum: Internet users want cheap privacy, 05/14/03 

Internet users want to keep their personal information private, but they want privacy tools to be cheap, easy to use and nearly invisible.

 Fake bank Web site scam reaches U.S., 05/14/03 

Bank of America has warned its customers to be aware of a scam which attempts to get them to log on to a fake Web site which then captures their personal financial details.

 Speedera unveils access control for CDN content, 05/13/03 

Content delivery network provider Speedera this week unveiled its latest security service: a tool that enables Web site administrators to control who can manipulate content on the network.

 Check Point digs deep into packets, 05/12/03 

Check Point next month is set to give its firewall customers the ability to detect and block application-layer attacks such as Code Red, Nimda and SQL slammer worms.

 Microsoft offers peek at future wares, 05/12/03 

Microsoft last week gave a glimpse, but few details, of two technologies that could help corporate users better manage and secure their networks.

 IBM spinoff aims to secure servers, 05/12/03 

Start-up 14 South Networks – an IBM spinoff – this week is scheduled to debut a blade that slides into PCI-based servers and provides firewall and VPN protection based on Check Point technology.

 Crossbeam secures more funding, 05/12/03 

Crossbeam Systems, a maker of multifunction security devices, last week announced $18 million in additional venture funding that will be used to expand sales operations overseas and in the federal market.

 Symantec releases security tools, 05/12/03 

Symantec this week will announce two software packages intended to prevent security breaches.