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NetFlash: Senate weighs antispam measures

May 22, 20032 mins

What is it going to take to defeat spam? An e-mail tax? An international treaty? A federal antispam SWAT team? All of these measures and more are on the table at the U.S. Senate, as the legislative body hears arguments from all corners about the best way to fight unsolicited bulk e-mail.

Spam hearing: E-mail tax, international treaty proposed

Microsoft, Symantec give different recipes for frying spam

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Content delivery nets branch out

When you think of complete e-commerce outsourcing, content delivery networks are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But CDN providers have evolved into creatures that can do everything you need for e-commerce.

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Microsoft looks beyond Windows with data center plan

Microsoft hopes its initiative for simplifying the management of data centers will play with Unix and Linux as well as with Windows. The software maker plans to open up its nascent architecture for data centers, called system definition model (SDM), so that servers running operating systems other than Windows can be part of a data center that employs the Microsoft technology.

Storage start-up Acopia hauls in $30 million

Acopia Networks, a start-up chaired by networking visionary Cheng Wu, hauled in an additional $30 million in funding this week for its Adaptive Resource switching technology. Little is known about the company or its products, except that it is working on an application-intelligent switch for enterprise data centers, a switch that joins servers, storage and networking gear together and balances traffic among them.