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New audio primer available – DRM

Mar 17, 20031 min
Data Center

We’ve added another topic to our stable of audio primers: Digital Rights Management. More specifically, ten things you should know about implementing DRM technology in the enterprise. Check it out here.

Building a primer is pretty simple. The audio is captured and edited into a raw WAV file using Sound Forge 5.0. The WAV is then encoded into RealAudio and Windows Media audio using each formats respective encoders, Helix Producer and Windows Media Encoder.

The process differs based on format after the encoding. For Windows Media, the slides are shown in a pop-up browser window. The timings are set using Windows Media File Editor, a utility that comes with the Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. For Real, the slides (basically GIF images) are shown inside the player window. We use SMIL to set the layout and timing. All the audio is served via Akamai along with the images and SMIL code for the Real slide presentation. The HTML and graphics for the Windows Media slide presentation is served off of our Fusion server farm. Building the presentation is a relatively simple process. It’s coming up with and researching the topics then writing the primer that’s the challenge.