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News sites keep up with heavy load

Mar 21, 20031 min
Data Center

Looks like news sites have learned their lessons from September 11 when it comes to online delivery. With the war in Iraq getting under way, most of the major news operations have kept their sites and streaming video news accessible. Just after the attacks on Sept. 11, many sites were crushed under the weight of Internet traffic looking for information in the hours after the attack. This time around, capacity and storage has been added and content delivery networks increased. Akamai says its servers were seeing 400,000 page views per second and was having no problem delivering it. RealNetworks says its content delivery network, which serves up streams for ABC, CBS, C-Span and NPR, was expected to get 3 to 4 million hits to the content it carries, almost three-times normal traffic loads. As I write, I am listening to CNN Radio with no issues. What’s your experience with online news thus far in the conflict?