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Macromedia Central unveiled

Mar 27, 20032 mins
Data Center

Macromedia made a series of announcements today centered around making Flash programs more into true applications than browser eye candy. First, Macromedia unveiled its new Macromedia Central offering which takes Flash applications out of the browser and lets them run directly on the desktop, much like a standalone Java application. The latest version of the Flash player already contains hooks Macromedia Central, so when it becomes available this Summer, it should be a simple install for current Flash player users. Those developing Flash apps can also benefit by selling their wares via Macromedia Central. The developer will get 80% of the sale price with the other 20% going to Macromedia’s coffers. Currently, Macromedia Central is in beta. When it ships, it will be a free download for end users.

The other news from Macromedia includes a new version of the Flash Communication Server MX and availability of Flash Player 6 for the Pocket PC 2002 a platform as well as a developer kit for those wanting to develop Flash apps for the Pocket PC. Version 1.5 of the Flash Communication Server adds HTTP tunneling, SSL support, Linux availability and support for MP3 audio as well as a number of other enhancements. Beginning today, the server is available for Windows and Linux with pricing set at $499 for the Personal Edition and $4,500 for the Professional Edition.