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Radvision expands Invision 100 line

Apr 08, 20032 mins
Data Center

The Radvision product development group is a busy bunch of late. Last week, the company announced it will soon have support for SIP in its viaIP multipoint conference unit line. This week the company unveils four new variations of its Invision 100 line tailored to specific conferencing needs. First up is the Invision 100/M for those needing IP-only conferencing and no ISDN interfaces. The 100/Mv adds a video processing card for supporting rate matching, continuous presence and screen layouts with up to 9 simultaneous users. Radvision is targeting enterprise users with remote locations connected via an IP VPN.

The other two products, the Invision 100/G1p and 100/G4b, target companies that need to bring the gap between ISDN and IP endpoints, but do not need support for multipoint calls. The 100/G1p comes with a single PRI ISDN port and the 100/G4b comes with four BRI ISDN ports. With these two devices, Radvision is targeting enterprises with an existing MCU or those that primarily do point-to-point calling and use a third-party for multipoint calls. All four units are available, though I don’t have any information on pricing at the moment.

4/9/03 – Pricing update:

100/M – $29,950

100/Mv – $39,950

100/G1p – $26,950

100/G4b – $17,950