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Radvision launches new management and scheduling tools

Apr 14, 20032 mins
Data Center

Boy, Radvision has been a busy company over the past week or two. If the trend continue, we’ll have to rename this space “The Radvision Exchange.” Anyhow, the latest news from the company surrounds easier management and scheduling of videoconferences that use Radvision’s viaIP and Invision MCUs and gateways. Today, the company released iView VCS (Video Communications Scheduler), which offers end users a Web-based interface for scheduling and reserving conference resources. The server component that integrates the user requests with the appropriate tools runs on a Windows 2000 server. The company says an add-on module that will allow users to schedule directly from Outlook will ship at a later date. iView VCS comes with all the bells and whistles that one would expect in a scheduling product such as e-mail notification, ad-hoc and recurring meeting setup, personalized templates and system usage reports.

Last Friday, Radvision debuted its iView Network Manager, which, as you can probably guess from the name, help network administrators manage videoconferencing traffic. Network Manager provides a single view into the entire video network from a single point of access, according to Radvision. Managers can view call status and statistics, get a heads up view of all conferences currently running on the network, allows for basic configuration of MCUs and gateways and provided central log management and reporting. Both the iView Network Manager and VCS are now available.