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Sorensen releases Squeeze 3.5

May 13, 20031 min
Data Center

One of my favorite tools has a new update. Sorenson Media today released version 3.5 of its Sorenson Squeeze for Windows (it also released version 3.1 of the Mac version.) The new release now features support for DVD-quality MPEG 1 and 2 encoding as well as support for Windows Media 9. Another added feature is the ability to save filter settings for later use.

For those not familiar with Squeeze, the product is a simple to use encoding utility that hides all the encoder settings. Just open your source file, select which formats you want to encode to and the speed (or set the speed based on a set file size) and hit start. For beginners or non-technical people, it’s an easy way to get video files created for streaming or delivery on CD or DVD. Advanced folks can also find benefit in the product as well via some of the advanced settings features. Does it replace the Cleaner product you already own? No. But for quick jobs, it’s a excellent tool. Current users can upgrade to the latest version via a free download.