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Giving Windows Movie Maker 2 a go

Jun 04, 20031 min
Data Center

Finally had an opportunity to try out Microsoft’s Movie Maker 2 software and I am impressed. It’s no Adobe Premiere, but for those with a need to do some quick and simple editing this could be a useful tool. I need to put a bunch of GIF images into a timeline and sync them with a narration. (One could do the same thing with photos.) It took more time to download the 11 megabyte file than it did to lay the thing out. And there’s a good preview window that does not require the user to render anything. There’s a bunch of easy to use transitions and effects. Movie Maker can output to Windows Media format (naturally), DVD and back to a DV camera. The best part, it’s free in you’ve got Windows XP. For streaming, there’s a bunch of a different bitrate and file-size options for users to choose from when outputting their finished product.