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New content management system for Technicolor

Jul 30, 20031 min
Data Center

IBM’s been busy working on content management systems for its customers. Last week it was the NFL, this week it’s Technicolor, the company name that seems to appear at the end of every movie credit. According to a press release from the folks at IBM, they’ve built a massive asset management and distribution system designed to store digital masters of every piece of work Technicolor produces including movies, TV shows and trailers. Technicolor’s Media Asset Management (MAM) tool not only stores the original media, but also editing notes meta data and other associated information in a central repository. It’s all linked to an order processing system that allows Technicolor customer to preview the media and order it in whatever format they desire including physical media. I’d love to see the size of the database alone. A couple minutes of raw video from my digital video camera takes up a gigabyte or more of space on my harddrive. A full length feature film in its original digital format must take up terabytes of space. Never mind multiple projects.