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Jibe launches EdgeBurst service

Aug 18, 20031 min
Data Center

Jibe is now offering EdgeBurst as a managed service for delivering high-bandwidth content (read: videos) more efficiently across a WAN or the Internet. According to Jibe claims, it can deliver full-screen video at over 700K bit/sec. From the content producer perspective, the service seems to work much like other CDNs such as Akamai or Speedera: Content is uploaded and URLs on the host site are modified to point to the file residing on Jibe’s network. The secret sauce is a set of patent-pending algorithms that help determine the best way and place for a client to download the source file from a set of servers or other clients close by on the network that have the requested content. Jibe basically combines a CDN with peer-to-peer software like Kazaa. Except the local user can’t input their own content into the network.