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Three flavors of Qarbon ViewletBuilder 4

Sep 04, 20032 mins
Data Center

Qarbon’s got three new versions of its ViewletBuilder 4 product shipping now: the standard release for those building Flash-based demos and training applications, a profession that incorporates e-learning by adding support for quizzes and other testing-based standards such as SCORM, and a “lite” version. ViewletBuilder lets a user capture screen shots or action and converts into Flash. (They compete with eHelp’s RoboDemo.) ViewletBuilder is written in Java, so it runs on just about any platform – a major plus for those that need to build a demo of software running on Unix.

New in ViewletBuilder 4 is the ability to import and export text captions (good for those that need to translate the end product into multiple languages), new branding options, the ability to scale “viewlets” to any size and a faster editing interface. Qarbon’s also added a server component called the ViewletFarm2 that helps manage viewlets and can help control the look and feel by enforcing style sheets. ViewletFarm can also be used to track who views each viewlet and see how far they navigate through a given presentation.

ViewletBuilder 4 is available today with the Professional Edition priced at $499, the Standard Edition at $199 and the Lite Edition at $99. The ViewletFarm will ship later this month with a price between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on how it’s deployed.