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NFL and RealNetworks team

Sep 11, 20031 min
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The NFL will offer more audio and video options to subscribers of its Field Pass package. For $9.95 a month or $34.95 for the season, subscribers get live audio broadcasts of 200 games and video highlights, pre-game coverage and individual team press conferences. Fantasy football fanatics will like this option: Fantasy Extra includes searchable video to allow fantasy fans to customize game highlights for individual player performances for their fantasy teams, as well as weekly audiocasts of team and player news to help fantasy enthusiasts keep up with trends and happenings throughout the season, statistics and other real-time information on players.

A RealOne player is needed to access the content as Real is the exclusive provider of streaming for the NFL. If you’re a fan and don’t have DirectTV or can’t afford the NFL Direct package, this could be a cheaper alternative.