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Summing up the RIAA’s tactics

Sep 12, 20031 min
Data Center

I came across a couple of great columns that reflect on the RIAA’s filing of 261 lawsuits against alleged music swappers. First, Mark Evan of the Financial Post confesses he too has used a file-sharing network to download songs. And, Jack Buehrer of The News-Messenger believes the world is a safer place now that a 12-year-old has been stopped from file swapping:

Now, I’ve only downloaded a few songs in my life, but all of a sudden I’m petrified of the RIAA.

I mean, Osama bin Laden has managed to stay at-large with the most powerful, technologically advanced military supposedly using all of its resources trying to track him down. But if the recording industry can find poor little Brianna who lives with her mother in an apartment in New York City — a city with 8 million people mind you — I’m thinking they can spot my 6-foot, 5-inch frame in the cornfields of Fremont, Ohio.