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Internet2 gets videoconferencing service

Oct 09, 20031 min
Data Center

Internet2 participants now have a new managed videoconferencing service to which they can subscribe, much like how regular Internet users can purchase such dedicated services as those offered by Sprint and Glowpoint. The Internet2 Commons service provides round-the-clock staffing and the necessary equipment (MCUs, gateways, etc.) to facilitate any H.323-based video call. Subscribers can reserve ports ahead of time or launch ad hoc meetings. There is two versions of the service available: Prime and Prime Plus. For a $2,000 annual, Prime users must provide their own site coordinator, but get 300 port hours of multi-point conferencing and voice-activated switching or 21 different video window layouts. Streaming archives are also available. Prime Plus users pay $2,700 for the same services, but get a site coordinator provided by Internet2. Of course, you have to be an Internet2 member to use the service.