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Stupid TV blackouts

Oct 15, 20031 min
Data Center

This afternoon at 4:18 EST, the my beloved Red Sox are playing the Yankees in game 6 of the American League Championship Series but I won’t be able to catch the game on TV because I am here at work. And radio is out since my cube is in the middle of a steel-encased building. So, I figured I pony up a few bucks to watch the live Webcast version of the game on Wrong. The Webcast is blacked out in the US and a few other developed countries because of television restrictions. Argggg! Fox (the hype-filled network bringing the series to U.S. viewers) and MLB are dropping the ball on this one. Sure they want to maximize the television ratings, but what about those of us without access to a TV? Wouldn’t the extra eyeballs from the Web be a bonus? Plus, with the paid Web version, they would know an exact number of people watching, unlike with TV ratings. Time to catch up to the Internet era and change these obsolete broadcasting rules. OK, end of rant. Go Sox!