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RoboDemo 5.0 and RoboPresenter

Oct 27, 20031 min
Data Center

This news is a week or two old but still worth noting: eHelp has shipped version 5.0 of RoboDemo and its new RoboPresenter product. For those unfamiliar with the RoboDemo line, the application records all on-screen activity and outputs in Flash format complete with captions and other highlights. It’s a great to for creating how-to-use tutorials around a specific application. Version 5.0 adds Flash import (so exising Flash files can be added to a RoboDemo project), AVI video import, and full motion recording (the abilitiy to record drag-and-drop among other things). An eLearning edition adds quizzing, scoring and compliance with SCORM and AICC eLearning standards. RoboDemo 5.0 is available for $299 with the eLearning edition priced at $499.

RoboPresenter lets a user turn a PowerPoint presentation into Flash with added audio narration and visual effects. It integrates with PowerPoint so users do not have to learn a separate application. Pricing for RoboPresenter is set at $399.