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Sonexis ConferenceManager 4.0 unveiled

Nov 03, 20031 min
Data Center

Sonexis is upgrading its ConferenceManager 4.0 premise-based audio/Web conferencing platform. The new release doubles the capacity of previous versions, adds application sharing, conference record/playback and support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Administrators will like the doubled capacity with Version 4.0 now supporting up to 192 PSTN ports or 240 voice over IP calls (using SIP or H.323) and 200 Web conferencing clients. The larger capacity comes in a bigger package as well, with ConferenceManager now running on a 2-rack unit high, specialized hardware platform. SIP integration will also be improved to allow softphones to more easily access a conference. On the end user side, the ability to share applications – with the presenter or viewer being able to take control of applications on the other’s machine – will come in handy for training and technical support sessions. The recording/playback features stores the conference on ConferenceManager’s built-in hard drive for archiving. Also, Sonexis is adding scheduling integration with Lotus Notes and Outlook 98 (newer versions of Outlook are already supported.)

ConferenceManager 4.0 is scheduled to ship in January 2004. Pricing starts at $22,800 for a 24 ports with additional ports available for $950 per port.