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More home entertainment options

Dec 04, 20031 min
Data Center

InterVideo and CyberLink this week released new home theater options that are designed to turn the standard TV and PC in the multimedia viewing center for videos, photos, music and more.

InterVideo’s Home Theater can record and playback TV shows (like Tivo) as well as play videos downloaded from the Internet or on a DVD drive. InterVideo also provides a personal music library for aggregating and listening to a collection of music and can create photo slide shows from digital photos. Home Theater works on Windows 2000 and XP with a $99 introductory price tag, which includes a 36-key remote and USB dongle.

CyberLink’s PowerCinema 3 offers similar features minus the TV recording. Users can organize and view videos, music and photos with the software. A soon-to-be added feature will allow a TV to be used as the viewing device, with an user interface designed to be viewed from 10 feet away and navigated by remote control. PowerCinema 3 is currently priced at $59.95 and runs on Windows XP.