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RealNetworks news

Apr 20, 20041 min
Data Center

RealNetworks made three announcements at NAB today, the most significant being the final release of RealProducer Plus 10 and an encoding system for Mac OS X. Producer has been in beta for the Windows platform, but is now “gold.” You can download it here. Real is not making a standalone version of Producer for the Mac, instead creating the Real 10 Export Plug-in that allows Real 10 encoded video to be exported from editing tools such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Avid Xpress Pro. More on the Export Plug-in can be found here.

The other announcements include Real adding the Google Toolbar in RealPlayer 10 and a deal with Heineken USA that will put three free song downloads from the RealPlayer Music Store in specially-marked 12-packs of Heineken beer.