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Dell launches servers for HPC and AI with updated VMware software

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Jun 12, 20202 mins
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Designed with the GPU and virtualization in mind, new Dell servers are meant for quick deployment of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing systems.

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Credit: Metamorworks / Getty Images / Dell

Dell Technologies launched two servers for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) that include an updated version of VMware’s virtualization software and are available through Dell’s On Demand flexible consumption model.

First up is the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPU-as-a-Service. Yes, that is its full title. This server offers virtual GPU pools by leveraging VMware vSphere 7 with Bitfusion. Bitfusion is a hardware virtualization technology VMware acquired last year. The new Ampere architecture from Nvidia supports GPU partitioning but the older generations did not, which is where Bitfusion comes in.

With VMware vSphere 7 installed, server resources can be pooled right out of the box rather than going through lengthy configuration. The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPU-as-a-Service also uses the latest VMware Cloud Foundation hybrid cloud platform with vSphere 7 to support Kubernetes and other containerized applications.

The second new server is the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualized HPC. It also uses vSphere 7 and Bitfusion, and for very large HPC implementations, Dell provides an option to include VMware vSphere Scale-Out Edition for additional cost savings. 

According to Dell, by virtualizing HPC and AI operations with VMware, IT teams can quickly provision hardware as needed, speed up initial deployment and configuration, and save time with simpler centralized management and security. Dell cites research from Forrester Consulting that claims its Ready Solutions for HPC can deliver up to 18 times faster AI model development, reducing the time from months to days.

Both servers come with an updated version of the Dell EMC OpenManage systems management software, to help AI and advanced computing administrators improve system uptime, keep data insights flowing and prepare for AI-enabled operations.

OpenManage is integrated with VMware vCenter, supporting vSphere Lifecycle Manager, and automates software, driver and firmware updates in a simplified manner. The enhanced OpenManage Mobile app lets administrators view power and thermal policies, perform emergency power reduction and monitor internal storage from a mobile device.

The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPUaaS and Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC are available now worldwide. VMware vSphere with BitFusion will be available worldwide on all Dell EMC PowerEdge servers in July.

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