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Uptime Devices sniffs out environmental conditions

Feb 02, 20062 mins
Data Center

* Uptime Devices monitors server room environmental conditions

I recently came across Uptime Devices of Austin, Texas that could be worth a look. Founded in 1997, Uptime makes Web-enabled devices called SensorHubs to monitor environmental conditions such as smoke, airflow and water.

Uptime’s flagship product is the SH-2 SensorHub. The size of a deck of cards, the device has a Web interface and two connections on the back. One is for attaching a modem, the other for connecting to the Ethernet network. Customers will want to install the SH-2 where heat is being generated, but in a place that is easily accessible. Also on the SH-2 are two security and voltage sensors that plug into an uninterruptible power supply or power distribution unit (PDU).

The SH-2 also includes an integrated temperature sensor. Each SH-2 has SNMP capabilities and can be set to monitor as many as four thresholds. It will alert the administrator by e-mail if any of the thresholds are exceeded. You can view a demo of the device at Uptime’s Web site.

Uptime Devices also has the SH-2+ and the SH-2+1 SensorHubs. The SH-2+, like the SH-2, has SNMP capabilities and thresholds, but it also includes a humidity sensor. SH-2+1 includes a temperature and humidity combo sensor.

Each SensorHub ships with a 9-volt power adapter and a CD that contains Management Information Base (MIB) files. With the software, administrators can also reset the SensorHubs and change passwords. A quick start-up guide is also included.

Uptime Devices claims JetBlue, TimeWarner Cable and ABC as its customers.

The company competes with two other Austin companies – NetBotz and IT Watchdogs. Both IT Watchdogs and NetBotz, which was recently acquired by APC, make monitoring appliances and cameras for computer rooms.

The SH-2 is $295; the SH-2+ is $395; and, the SH-2+1 is $495. All are available now.