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Scali manages distributed clusters

Feb 09, 20062 mins
Data Center

* Scali focuses on cluster lifecycle management

Scali recently introduced enhanced management software for server clusters.

Called Scali Manage 5, the software manages what Scali calls “performance Linux data center clusters” – an area that consists of clusters, clusters of clusters, server farms and high-performance computing.

The product is focused on maintaining the lifecycle management process for clusters. The company says that cluster adoption is growing with companies advancing beyond single ‘one-of’ clusters used to run single processes. As organizations add more applications to the cluster, grow the cluster or deploy more clusters, management of the clusters gets more complicated.

Scali Manage 5 allows a single-point of management for distributed clusters and intelligent provisioning of clusters and servers. A revamped user interface with wizards allows users to get servers running in clusters quickly and efficiently.

The provisioning aspects of Scali Manage 5 include the ability to use both RPM (RPM Package Manager) and image-based software to create or upgrade clusters or apply patches to the cluster.

In addition, Scali Manage 5 enables actionable cluster monitoring, which lets administrators view the performance and health of the cluster and act on changing requirements.

The software is hardware and software agnostic and supports multiple operating systems, servers and networks. Scali Manage 5 also supports communications standards such as XML, WBEM and OpenSSL.

Scali, which was founded in 1997, has 50 employees and $18 million in venture funding.

Scali Manage 5 is available now for $598 per node for a two-socket server.