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CACI, Lockheed, 5 others win $19.25 billion Army tech services contract

Mar 16, 20062 mins
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In addition: Army taps IBM for $7.4 million contract.

The Army has picked seven government contractors to provide computer technology services for a deal worth as much as $19.25 billion over the next 10 years.

The major contractors include: CACI International; Booz Allen Hamilton; Computer Sciences Corp.; Lockheed Martin; Viatech; USfalcon; and Sensor Technologies. The Army said the contract has a ceiling of $19.25 billion but made no promises that all of those monies would be spent. The agreement basically lets these vendors compete for an array of services such as systems engineering, research and development, software development, supply-chain management, information security and administrative support.

“It means if [the Army] needs those services, there is already a pool of companies that have met their criteria. Rather than going and setting up a new contract for each one,” the military can chose between the seven pre-approved contractors, said an Army public affairs officer in a Washington Post article.

CACI in a statement on its Web site said the contract is the largest in its “44-year history and positions the company to increase its size and strength as a top-tier information technology provider to the Department of Defense.”

In related news the Army awarded IBM a five-year contract potentially worth $7.4 million to provide technical support and project management services to the Office of the Judge Advocate General. The JAG office handles legal services for soldiers and their families.