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Intradyn rolls out e-mail archiving appliance

Nov 28, 20052 mins
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Intradyn last week introduced an e-mail archiving appliance that captures messages and stores them on hard disk, optical media or tape for compliance purposes.

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ComplianceVault06 Enterprise sits on a Gigabit Ethernet network and captures all of a company’se-mail and stores it on the appliance’s disk or on a Sony AIT drive.

“The new Intradyn offering is interesting because it’s an appliance and so relatively easy to implement compared to in-house software/server solutions that require more deployment effort,” says Michael Osterman, principal and senior analyst for Osterman Research. “It’s also aimed at the midsize and large-enterprise market, not just the small-business market, as many appliances often are. Archiving will become the norm at some point, and appliances might help organizations come to that realization a bit sooner.”

The appliance features a search function that lets customers query the system using a variety of techniques for e-mails to meet the search criteria. The search results then can be exported to a file, CD, e-mail or hard copy for use by compliance officers or auditors.

Every access to the appliance is tracked by date, time and user. Data also can be encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption and protected with RAID 5 disk redundancy.

Only one other vendor, StorServer, manufactures an e-mail archiving appliance. Vendors such as EMC and Veritas offer software only, which customers must integrate with storage hardware.

The rack-mountable ComplianceVault06 is available in disk capacities ranging from 2T to 8T bytes. It works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and virtually any IMAP or POP3 e-mail system. Available in 2U and 3U (3 ½-inch- and 5 ¼-inch-high) versions, the appliances start at $20,000.