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Domain name management

Jul 14, 20042 mins
DNSEnterprise Applications

* The growing difficulty of managing domain names

Domain names. Can’t live without ‘em really, but taking care to manage them is becoming a challenge according to the lead article in out Enterprise Application section this week.

And managing domain names is going to get more difficult for companies later this year as their portfolios grow with the availability of new extensions including .eu, which is sponsored by the European Union. In addition to that, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is evaluating new sponsored top-level domains including .asia, .jobs and .mail.

According to our author ( U.S. multi-national corporations keep snapping up domain names, which are now available in more than 240 extensions. In total, more than 63 million domain names were registered as of March, according to VeriSign. Of those, 4.7 million were new names registered during the first quarter of 2004 – the highest quarterly figure in the history of the Internet.

Some companies are looking to service providers such as VeriSign and Arcemus (purchased by Iron Mountain in May) to manage their growing domain name portfolios.

Other companies that want to manage their own domain name portfolios can choose from software packages such as Name Stalker, Watch My Domains Pro and Domain Punch Professional, as well as beefed-up Web-based reporting and alerting tools from domain name registrars.

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