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FineGround Networks improves SSL speed

Oct 02, 20032 mins
Enterprise ApplicationsSecurity

* FineGround's Condenser Acceleration Software

FineGround Network last week announced it had added enhancements to its performance suite for large enterprise companies.

The company added new capabilities to optimize end-to-end Secure Socket Layer (SSL) processing for Web-based applications and processing. The integrated SSL capabilities give the software in FineGround’s Performance Suite the ability to deliver security application accelerating and monitoring. The company also says the software meets the security requirements associated with financial services, defense applications and HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act].

According to FineGround, as an SSL Proxy, the Condenser Acceleration Software operates as an application-layer proxy communicating with clients and with the origin server within the data center via HTTPS (SSL). When deployed as an SSL Proxy, the FineGround Condenser enables end-to-end client-to-server security via SSL encryption.

The SSL Proxy mode accelerates SSL-based applications while ensuring that no clear text is transmitted during any portion of the communications between clients and origin servers. FineGround also supports SSL termination for those organizations that require secure communications between remote clients and the enterprise and can accept clear text within the data center.

FineGround’s SSL Proxy is available immediately. The application acceleration software, Condenser, is priced at $50,000 per CPU and the agentless monitoring software, AppScope, is priced at $20,000 per server. Both are available in Solaris, Linux and AIX.