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HP rolls out servers and clusters

Nov 11, 20032 mins
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* HP introduces a range of server options

HP unveiled a set of servers and Linux clusters last week for technical computing and enterprise data centers.

The company introduced the Integrity rx4640, rx7620 and rx8620; the ProLiant 100 server family; and the XC3000 and XC6000 Linux clusters.

The rx4640 has four Itanium processors, the rx7620 has eight, and the rx8620 has 16. The entire Integrity family, which includes Superdome, scales from two to 64 processors and runs HP-UX, Linux and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. HP expects that OpenVMS will be available for Integrity servers sometime in 2004.

The new Integrity servers use Itanium 2 “Madison” processors, running at 1.3 GHz to 1.5 GHz. HP expects to follow these servers with a 128-processor server next year. In addition, the company in April is expected to launch a single-processor server and a 32-processor server.

The ProLiant 100 family is a line of servers for small and mid-size businesses and high-performance technical computing environments. The first product in the line is the rack-mountable ProLiant DL140, a dual-processor server with 3.2-GHz Intel Xeons. The ProLiant 100 family is expected to compete with inexpensive “white box” servers available from a number of sources. The DL140 will ship with 4G bytes of memory and an onboard Gigabit Ethernet adapter. It will run Red Hat, SuSE or United Linux, as well as Windows.

The XC3000 and XC6000 clusters are made up of ProLiant servers in configurations of up to 512 processors. The servers in the clusters use interconnects from Quadrics and Myricom.

The HP Integrity rx7620 and rx8620 midrange servers are available immediately, starting at $23,735 and $62,730, respectively. The rx4640 is available now, starting at $15,870.

The DL140 starts at $1,300. The HP XC6000 and XC3000 clusters are expected to be available next month, starting at $171,500 for a 34-processor XC3000.