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Nov 21, 20051 min
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“Election day in Washington has a new twist! Enter Left – Right – Left – Right – B – A – Start – Start to cast an extra vote for the candidate of your choice.”JD Roman wins the latest Weekly Caption Contest with the frightening thought of Microsoft as the OS behind e-voting machines. That would be fun… Click below to read our high-lar-i-ous runners-up and please note, due to the short U.S. Thanksgiving work week, we won’t be running a contest this week.

Come back next Monday, full of turkey, for the start of a new round.


How do I set it for Second Rinse?Rich O. “Please deposit 40 yen for the next ten frags.”Dave I think you two are taking on-line dating a little to far – Why don’t just walk over and talk to her?James B. In a new scheme to prevent shoplifting, Microsoft repackages the XBOX…Gary L. Microsoft introduces the latest technology in ATM security. Want to withdraw money? Get the high score!Robert H.

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