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Deadheads get their downloads back

Dec 01, 20051 min
Data Center

Was it worse than the time when their Hacky Sack rolled into the gutter? Perhaps. But, thank goodness, Deadheads’ short nightmare is over, as a dispute regarding free bootleg concert downloads has been settled.

The Grateful Dead had asked Web site Internet Archive to stop making recordings of its concerts available for download. The usually mellow Deadheads – founders of the oldest P2P sneakernet – uncharacteristically freaked out and made a stink that their bootlegs were being taken away.

The band then relented and told the site to make audience recordings available for download again. It asked that live recordings made directly from concert soundboards, which are the legal property of the Grateful Dead, should only be made available for streaming.

OK, everybody back in the Vanagon…

Via My Way News