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BlackBerry service in danger?

Dec 01, 20051 min
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It’s a sad day for CrackBerry addicts as RIM has lost another round in court.

The company was hoping to end its 4-year-old patent battle with NTP, “a tiny U.S. intellectual property firm,” according to USA Today, which is claiming it held the patent to the BlackBerry before the Canadian powerhouse.

RIM had hoped to get a judge to enforce a $450 million settlement after which NTP would leave RIM alone. The settlement was announced in the spring, but never finalized.

The judge denied RIM’s request to end the whole thing, and now some legal experts say another judge could back NTP’s wish – that RIM stop providing BlackBerry service in the U.S. until the matter is truly settled. Other legal eagles say that won’t happen and the companies will hash it out before it comes to some drastic measures.

Regardless, much green will be tossed about. USA Today speculates on the case’s future here.

Via USA Today