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Sony: Now we’re serious about security

Dec 05, 20051 min
Data Center

Nearly three weeks after the first release of Sony’s virus-magnet rootkit uninstall program, the company is finally releasing a new version is promises won’t compromise your PC.

Reports USA Today: “Sony says it’s been working diligently on getting the uninstaller ready. But ‘security is more important than speed,’ Thomas Hesse, president of Sony’s Global Digital Business division, said Friday. ‘I have the best security experts triple-checking it.’ ” We’ll see about that, my friend.

The paper also reports that interestingly CD titles that originally contained the rootkit are taking a beating:

“Neil Diamond, whose widely praised 12 Songs opened at No. 4 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart just two weeks ago, has fallen to No. 52 in the most recent chart. Bette Midler’s Peggy Lee Songbook fell to No. 157 from No. 51, while Chris Botti’s To Love Again: The Duets tumbled to No. 172 from No. 74.”

Via USA Today