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I wanna work at Google

Dec 06, 20051 min
Data Center

If you’re a little disenchanted with your job today, don’t read this story about how great it is to work at Google. Unless you work at Google, then go nuts, it’ll reconfirm how good you’ve got it.

The New York Times makes us all jealous this morning by reviewing all the perks Googlers get these days – on top of the nose-bleed stock. There’s the standard children’s day care, doctors, dry cleaning, laundry, gym, and basketball and volleyball courts. There’s the $500 for takeout meals for employees who have a new baby. And the free shuttle buses with Wi-Fi.

And the best: spending 20% of your work time doing whatever you feel like. See, now you’d have the time to crochet your own Scrollbar Scarf.

Via The NY Times