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Man apologizes for fake Wiki entry

Dec 12, 20051 min
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In addition to the cardinal workplace rule: Don’t blog about your job, we can now add “Don’t write fake Wikipedia entries linking a prominent newspaperman with the Kennedy assassinations.”

Thirty-eight-year-old Brian Chase of Tennessee has resigned from his job and apologized to John Seigenthaler Sr., former publisher of The Tennessean newspaper, for writing a fake Seigenthaler bio linking him to the Kennedy assassinations and noting he lived in the Soviet Union from 1971 to 1984. When Seigenthaler, a close friend of Robert Kennedy, heard about the bio he freaked out and wrote an editorial in USA Today bashing Wikipedia.

Chase says he wrote the fake entry as a gag on a co-worker “who was familiar with the Seigenthaler family” and it was a prank that went “horribly, horribly wrong.” He also says he had no idea people took Wikipedia information seriously. Um, what a stupid joke. Apparently the whoopee cushion is too low-brow?

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