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Beyond The Clapper: High tech for seniors

Dec 13, 20051 min
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One of the best Christmas gifts ever had to be The Clapper. We really miss the commercial, featuring that old lady rolling over in bed and impatiently giving her lights a hand. We guess no one ever heard of a nightstand lamp.

Regardless, USA Today invokes memories of The Clapper in its story on new decidedly higher-tech advances for seniors battling dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and the like.

This week’s White House Conference on Aging features a phone system and monitor, which displays the picture and name of the person calling, and when they last talked. Another company features a high-tech medicine cabinet “that can be programmed to keep track of what medicine it holds and when it should be taken. A built-on camera scans the face of the person at the cabinet and a voice can remind that it’s time to take a pill. If the wrong bottle is chosen, the voice warns of the error.”

More helpful advances here.

Via USA Today