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MTV, MS team to take on iTunes

Dec 14, 20051 min
Data Center

Can MTV and Microsoft succeed where so many others have failed – knocking iTunes off its lofty perch?

We shall see as the dynamic duo is teaming to offer URGE, an online music service set to launch early next year.

URGE will be integrated into the next version of Windows Media Player and offer more than 2 million tracks for sale individually or as part of a subscription package, as well as online radio. Downloaded URGE tracks will not play on iPods, a wise move given they only represent 75% of digital music players in use today. Hope MTV and Redmond have fun vying after that lucrative leftover 25%.

“We think the iPod has done a great job. Our aim is not to switch people from iTunes and the iPod,” notes MTV Chief Digital Officer Jason Hirschhorn. “We need to concentrate on where there’s going to be a bigger market.”

So they’re targeting, what, Mars? And since when does MTV play music anymore?

Via My Way News