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Top 2005 search terms

Dec 16, 20051 min
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All the year-end “Most popular” Web lists are coming out – from the search engines especially.

Dogpile, which searches Google, Yahoo, MSN and AskJeeves, is no exception, noting that “music lyrics” was the #1 most searched term in 2005. Right behind that, the unfortunately ubiquitous Paris Hilton.

Here’s the remainder of the Top 5.

#3 Google

#4 eBay

#5 Yahoo

Well, that was boring. Who goes to Dogpile and types in “Google” as a search term? Yikes. Here’s AOL’s Top 5 Most Searched:

#1 Lottery

#2 Horoscopes

#3 Tattoos

#4 Lyrics

#5 Ringtones

So start tagging your pages with lotteryhoroscopetattoo ASAP and make some money, eh?

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