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The podcast you must download

Dec 16, 20051 min
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David Brent would be so proud.

British comedian Ricky Gervais, creator of the original (and best) TV series “The Office,” is topping the podcast download charts here and in the U.K. with his offering, the not-surprisingly-named “The Ricky Gervais Show”.

According to Reuters: “Also featured is ‘Office’ co-writer Stephen Merchant and their former radio producer Karl Pilkington, as the trio take on a succession of offbeat topics from vampires to a regular segment called ‘Monkey News.’ “

“When I heard that we were the number one podcast, my first thought was that it wasn’t a fair fight as The Office is shown in over 80 countries around the world,” Gervais told the Guardian. “Steve’s first thought was: ‘why aren’t we charging for it?’, and Karl’s first thought was: ‘Is a chimp allowed to win the lottery?”‘

I think Steve works here at

The latest podcast, available here, features: “little people tormenting big cats and the market-testing of a Serbian sex machine….the blight of the charity mugger and the greater blight of talkative vagrants….an expos